1. What makes Infinity Custom Cabinets better than the cabinet retailers I can buy from?

Infinity Custom Cabinets handcrafts each of your cabinets in our shop. Our expert craftsmen tailor every detail to meet the unique specifications of your project. Since we custom make each cabinet the options are limitless when it comes to material, sizes, styles, colors, and unique details. Compare that with most retailers who simply have a catalog; they are limited by sizes, colors, and materials.

2. Custom cabinets are outrageously expensive, aren’t they?

There are many factors that can affect your final price, such as; materials, finish options, door styles and design details. If you are in the market for middle to high end stock cabinets, you will be pleased to find out Infinity Custom Cabinets prices are competitive with semi-custom and prefab cabinets. 

3. How long will it take to order my custom cabinets?

The design process time can vary but once your order has been finalized it will typically be ready in 5-7 weeks – which is typically faster than the process of ordering pre-fabricated cabinets.

4. How can I choose my door style and finish for my custom cabinets?

With custom cabinets, these options are almost limitless which can seem overwhelming. We encourage you to have some idea of styles you like and our team can help guide you into the perfect door or finish for your unique taste/style.

5. Do you offer design assistance?

Infinity Custom Cabinets is happy to meet with you or your builder/designer to help design your space. We would love an opportunity to speak with you about your custom project.

6. Does Infinity Custom Cabinets offer custom cabinetry for areas outside the kitchen?

Definitely! Here at Infinity Custom Cabinets we make custom vanities, custom built ins, as well as custom furniture. We would be happy to speak to you about your custom cabinetry need no matter what the space.